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Please email us at if you need to contact us. is part of the Riff Spot network of music sites and we are trying to consolidate our contact methods. Please be sure to reference in your message. We have several dozen sites, and this will make it easier for us to assist you.

If you are contacting us about your purchase of the ebook, please note the following before contacting us:

Downloading on a Mobile Device

If you are trying to download the file on a mobile device (phone or tablet), you will likely need a file explorer app to access the file system on your device. We are unable to assist with this due to the wide variety of devices, operating systems, etc. We recommend downloading on a computer if you aren't used to downloading on a phone or tablet.

Printer Issues

The ebook is a standard PDF file. There is nothing about the file that would prevent you printing. Any printing issues you have are likely due to your printer or the software you are using to open and print the file. Because of this, we are unable to assist with troubleshooting printer issues.

Information We Need

If you still need to contact us after reading the information above, make sure you include the name and email address associated with your order as well as a detailed description of your issue. Please also mention this site ( in your message.